After 35 years of dedication to developing his craft of the singer - songwriter, Gordon Haskell finally broke through in 2001 with his song ‘How Wonderful You Are’ reaching No 2 in the UK chart and chart positions right

across Europe. In 2002 his albums ‘Harry’s Bar’ andShadows on the Wall’ reached No 2 and No 44 in the UK chart and top 20 in Germany, France, Poland, Finland and the Netherlands. Both albums reached Gold status with the single selling 400,000+.


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Gordon Haskell


Since then he has continued to perform and record mostly in Europe travelling from his home in Greece.  Gordon Haskell has often been described as a brilliant mix of Bill Withers and James Taylor with the feel of J.J Cale but ultimately he is a craftsman with his own unique style and presence, who has been pleasing audiences with his warmth for decades.